The following IFBC values help make it a distinctive Christian organization.


  • Interdependence:  For the Fellowship, interdependence reflects the belief that each Christian and congregation,  while often functioning independently, is vitally dependent on others in the body of Christ.
  • Service:  The Fellowship is a service organization for ministers, autonomous congregations and parachurch organizations. Member churches and organizations retain their autonomy.
  • Evangelical:  The Fellowship is thoroughly evangelical, firmly committed to the authority of the Bible as the final rule of faith and practice for Christian living and for organization. Its theological heritage is found in historic Methodism and its theological stance is best described as Wesleyan.
  • Common Faith:  The Fellowship seeks to include members on the basis of common commitment to primary issues of faith, rather than to find ways to exclude members because of distinctions of secondary importance.
  • Values:  The Fellowship rejoices in liberty, while preserving biblically sound values. The New Testament doctrine of liberty in Christ is of cardinal value to the Fellowship, but liberty is not to be construed as license for lawlessness. Rather, Christian living is to be marked as "holiness unto the Lord."
  • Experience:  The Fellowship honors both historic and relational dimensions of Christianity. The Scriptures teach the reality of an objective salvation accomplished by God through Jesus Christ on Calvary, and a dynamic and relational salvation as applied through the Holy Spirit and experienced by believers even today.
  • Accountability:  The Fellowship is amendable to its membership. At each International Assembly, members of the Assembly set policy, determine bylaws and elect officers of the organization. Between assemblies, the International Coordinating Council makes administrative decisions regarding the life and ministry of the Fellowship.
  • Ministry Track:  The Fellowship is committed to service to ministers. The Fellowship serves as an ordaining agency for ministers. But ministry to ministers goes far beyond that, with the expressed intent of strengthening current ministers in their ministries, locating places of service for new ministers, and serving as a redemptive ministry of hurting and broken ministers. Though some brokenness may be beyond our ability to help, the Fellowship seeks, insofar as God enables, to redeem every bruised minister and to restore each to effective and fruitful ministry.

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