FPN Requests:  25 July 2013


Pastor Marcos called to announce the rededication of the church in Choacorral, Guatemala. As mentioned before, the location of the church had become very difficult and needed to be moved. The church is also celebrating its 6th anniversary and the new membership of 3 recently baptized adults. The celebration will be with special music, an invited special speaker and the traditional foods. Your prayers for this church are being answered. This could be a new beginning for this congregation. God bless each of you who have prayed.

The elderly lady from Colorado has been dismissed from the hospital, after bouncing back from the "edge of hell," as she put it. She survived a surgery that went negative, causing a serious lung infection that caused her to be put on the respirator and not be expected to live. God answered the prayers of you kind folks, her speedy turnaround and early dismissal is outstanding. In her words: "I will live the straight road from now on." She does not have all the religious language, but she does know and has experienced God in this close to death experience. Thank You, God, for allowing Ellen to live and to now serve you. Your mercy is everlasting toward those who have not believed.

Let us as Christians continue to find ways to resist evil that has so openly emerged in our nation. The Children of Israel historically sank into depravity and idolatry but the time came when they once again started worshiping the God of the Bible, and through hard work and in obedience to God, regained their freedoms. God is no less interested in our nation, so let us get to work and march forward retaking our fading Godly heritage. The first step to take is to ask God to rekindle our genuine devotion to Him.
Paul & Mary Trotzke, Guatemala and Alaska

Grace Bible Fellowship (Moline, IL. Donnie Plemons, pastor)

1.      We rejoice that Rachel Argo has been able to return home. Please, do continue to pray for her.

2.      VBS was a wonderful time with our children.

3.      Rita Watson is doing well, too.

4.      Randy Mowder is to have surgery soon.

5.      Larry Miller's children, Danny and Rachel, are both in special care homes.

6.      Cinda Alanis is improving.

7.      The last container to WATS has been shipped -- do pray for the Lord's help to get it through customs without so much money as it did the last time.

8.      The "harvest is great" – we could use more workers for the Lord.

Love all of you,
Donnie Plemons

Covenant Community Fellowship (Columbia, SC. Terrie Hay, pastor)

My dad, Amos Hann, is not doing well. He's been real dizzy, and that makes him nauseous, so he can't leave the house very much. It's making him very weak. (Mary Hay)

A lady in our church, Sherl Fore, is having surgery Monday, the 29th, for a stomach ulcer. It will be a difficult surgery as they have to remove a stitch from a previous surgery that the ulcer has grown around. If they can't get the stitch out, they may have to remove the stomach.

Janette Conley, our Children's Pastor, is having severe back problems. We’re hoping she can escape surgery.

Thank You,
Rev. Terrie Hay

The Fellowship

1.        Please begin praying now for the ICC Meeting in October 2013, Corydon, Indiana – AND for the International Assembly 2014 in Circleville, OH. We want and need God’s grace and help for both meetings.

The brother who had an open heart surgery has left the hospital and is now treated as an outpatient. He thanks God for His merciful help. His wife, as I mentioned last month, had a massive stroke while her husband was still in the hospital after his heart surgery. Seems like the stress was just too much! Her doctor said she might be in the hospital for several weeks. She thanks God for her husband's hospital release, and now asks for prayer for herself that she might return to health. She thanks God her stroke was not as bad as it could have been. Thanks to God!
Romeo, the elderly man who has taken care of his very handicapped children for 35 years has taken a fall and a serious brain surgery had to be done. He is now back home but unable to take care of his adult children. Please join us in asking God to send someone able to help him. His grandchildren are reluctant to lend any help, God could change their hearts and minds and help care for their grandfather who took care of them for over 40 years. Our God is a God who changes lives and minds! Please do it, Lord!
The church that in recent months was surrounded with hauled in dirt is still in need of moving or of dismantling, filling the hole and rebuilding again. This is a major project that presently needs a miracle to happen. The landowner could change his mind and let the church be built in a different location. God you are able to touch the right hearts and minds and this problem could be solved. If there were funds the church could be rebuilt on land of its own.
The lady who had been battling lung cancer has had her surgery. The doctor said all went very well and he thinks this type of cancer will not return. This Sister has for many years been the main source of piano music for the local church world. Small churches cannot hire a pianist, so this Lady has been called on frequently for all kinds of special events. Her piano playing coupled with her professional singing has been a great blessing over the past 40 years. We pray, and will you also help us in prayer, that she will return to good health and can continue to bless God in song and piano music. Please God we need her!
May God bless each of you who help with your prayers!
The boy who seemed to have slipped off the bridge and fallen into the rushing glacial waters bellow never was found. His memorial service was held, and attended by a very large number of people. For some this will cause some degree of closure, but for his mother, he will always live in her heart! God, she needs a touch from you!
Thanks again and may God answer your prayers.
Paul and Mary Trotzke - Guatemala and Alaska
Grace Bible Fellowship (Moline, IL. Donnie Plemons, pastor)
Thanks for your prayers. God bless you.

*         Rita Watson is very seriously ill in the hospital.

*         Pray for us that our services will be a time of the Holy Spirit's power. We are so "hungry" to see folks saved to really walk with the Lord.

*         Our need for a young folk ministry is great.

*         We need the food for the Thanksgiving Baskets.

*         We also need funds for the next container shipment to WATS (Lagos, Nigeria)
So many opportunities --
Pastor Donnie
Liberty Bible Fellowship Church (Ozone Park, NY. Michael Persaud, pastor)
Please pray for the completion of our church building project at Liberty Fellowship in New York.
We thank the Lord for the group that went from Liberty Church to Trinidad to hold a preacher's seminar and services. They are back with reports of great services, and they met with several key pastors who are interested in joining our Fellowship. We have been praying for Fellowship churches to be established in Trinidad and it appears that the Lord is opening such a door.
Pastor Michael Persaud
Personal Requests
Amos [Hann] had his cardioversion (shock treatment to his heart) on Tuesday and the doctor said it worked. But it must have gone back pretty quickly because it is not working now [Aug. 18]. He saw the doctor yesterday and he said he probably would just have to live with it. It makes him very tired and weak. We would appreciate your prayers that he will be as comfortable as possible. Thank you so much.
Elisabeth Hann, Mary Hay
Please pray for Sister Jo Ann Massiah, Sister Betty Lorde, Sister Bryan, Brother Charles Gittens and Sister Advice as they are not well.
Winfield Forde

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