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When is FYC?

The Fellowship Youth Camp will be July 8-13, 2018.

Who can attend?

FYC is for young people age 12 and up.

Where is FYC?

FYC will be in Circleville, Ohio (map).

How do I get there?

Your church may make travel arrangements. Contact your Youth Pastor or Senior Pastor for details.


How much does it cost?

$175 per camper, up to three (includes on-campus meals, lodging and activities). An additional $10 deposit will be refunded to you if you leave your room in a clean state after camp.

When do I pay?

Bring the money with you to camp. However, talk to your Youth Pastor or Senior Pastor if you're traveling in a group. They may collect the money beforehand and pay for the whole group at arrival in Circleville.

Should I bring any extra money?

You will not be leaving the campground for shopping trips to town. However, there will be a snack shack, and you may want to bring some spending money. Also, don't forget to plan for meals on your trip if you are traveling a long distance. Again, ask your Youth Pastor or Senior Pastor for details if traveling in a group.

So what about food?

Three meals a day are included in the cost of room and board. A snack stand is also generally opened from time to time during the day and after evening service.


What should I bring?

Check out our packing list (coming soon) for things you should bring.

What do I wear?

Dress appropriately and modestly. Shorts should be loose fitting, not "hip-huggers." Skirts should be modestly fitting, and shirts should have sleeves. Bring nice clothing for evening services. However, do keep in mind that we are going to play games in the afternoon that will involve a lot of activity, so don't dress in a way that will cause you to suffer a heatstroke.

Which size sheets do I bring?

Sheet sizes will be twin/twin-long. You may also bring a sleeping bag instead.

Can I bring a Walkman/Discman, MP3 player, DVD player, stereo or cell phone?

iPods, MP3 players, Walkmans, Discmans, DVD players, stereos, game boys, gaming consoles, cell phones, etc. may not be used by campers. If you need to be available via cell phone, consider handing the phone to your Youth Pastor or Senior Pastor or your camp counselor for the course of camp. Please leave Walkmans and Discmans at home. Game boys and gaming consoles may be used at discretion of your Youth Pastor or Senior Pastor during the trip, but turn them in to a counselor during camp.

At Camp

What if I get hurt? What about medications?

We will have a registered nurse on location who will be able to give appropriate medical attention and/or referrals to medical care. Any prescription medications or drugs will be turned in to the camp nurse at the beginning of camp, and she will administer them according to parental directions, or as needed.

Can I call home?

Several of the adults will have cell phones for emergencies. If your parents want you to call home, bring a calling card to use the camp phone, or call collect. You will need to talk to a camp counselor for access to the camp phone.

What If I need to contact my child during camp because of an emergency?

Call 1-877-762-8669 to reach the office. If you cannot reach anyone, leave a message and a call will be returned as soon as possible.

Return Home

Can I be sent home, e.g. for misbehavior?

Misbehavior, etc., is handled at the discretion of the Fellowship Youth Director.

When is camp over?

Camp will be over at noon on Friday. We will need to vacate the campground as soon as possible to make room for the next group coming in.

When will we be getting home?

The time you arrive at home will obviously depend on your travel distance. Typically, groups leave the campground between 12 PM and 2 PM on Friday at the latest. Some groups may arrive home only in the early morning hours because of long travel distances.

Contact Us

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Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm CST
+1 (405) 948-9388
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Ohio Christian University

FYC 2011 will take place at Ohio Christian University

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