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FPN Update – October 1, 2015


We thank God for His help in the mission efforts. Political unrest in Guatemala has not spilled out into the streets. Many of the guilty parties have been placed under arrest, including the president and vice president. Both were forced out of office by peaceful demonstrations. New elections are under way shortly.

Please pray for a lady who is suffering from serious negative consequences for taking a prescribed medication for too long which has left her in a very serious situation. She calls out to God for His help. We thank you for your prayers for her.

The mission work near the Mexican-Guatemalan border is moving forward under the very heavy tropical rains. It is a time when roads wash out, causing difficulty in travel. Thanks for your support for this effort.

Pastor Marcos expresses his thanks for our prayers and support.

Mary Trotzke traveled to Guatemala to see after some rather hard situations. God’s wisdom is needed.

Again we thank each of you for your support. Gold bless you richly.

Paul and Mary Trotzke

The Philippines

Greetings in Christ Jesus,

Kindly include us in your prayers for our Grand Homecoming/Reunion on December 18 – 20, 2015, at the Bible School Campus Tarlac as well as for the help we need in our building construction and ground preparations before the special occasion comes.

Thank you and God bless…

Brother in Christ,

Richard P. Kawi

New Hope Worship Center (Oklahoma City, OK. William Sillings, pastor)

Pray for the upcoming Faith Promise Convention, October 23-25. Our speaker for this year will be WATS graduate and fellow pastor in OKC, Rev. Godspower Ugboh. Godspower is also seeking credentials with the IFBC. Thank God also for the growing relationship between the church Godspower pastors and New Hope. We have had one event together, and expect some others in the future.

Please continue to pray for Seth Tyler who is still recovering from his motorcycle accident of a few weeks ago. By way of praise, Seth has made remarkable strides toward full recovery. We have really seen miracle after miracle take place in his life. He still has a fairly long trek ahead, but we praise God for the blessings.

Please pray for the church’s outreach and discipleship programs to have great results from God’s blessings.

Pray for Associate Pastor Rex Ludwig, who has had some significant health issues lately.

Grace Bible Fellowship (Moline, IL. Donnie Plemons, pastor)

Thanks again and again for praying with and for us. God bless you.

Yolanda Ezeugwu has come through surgery and is clear of cancer. We are praising the Lord.

Tammy is doing much better – we rejoice!

We ask you especially to pray with us as we prepare for the Thanksgiving baskets giving scheduled for Nov. 21 – we are pleading for the Lord help. We will try to reach out to 1000 families

This pastor sure does appreciate your prayers. So many, many needs. So many folks in need of the Lord.

Jesus commanded us to pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers – we need them especially for young folk and other outreach ministries.

Joe Sandoval has been put into a nursing home. Please also pray for his wife Rita.

Ken and Geri McIntosh are in need of healing, as are Dale and Peggy Neil.

Our nation is in such need of another Great Awakening – we’d like to be part of it. Oh that God would rend the heaven and come down again to help us.

Pastor Donnie Plemons

The Fellowship

Pray for God’s will to be done in the strategic planning and management of affairs at the upcoming ICC meeting in Corydon, IN (October 15-16).

Please pray for Covenant Community Fellowship of Columbia, SC in their pastoral search. Please also pray for Pastor Terrie Hay and his wife, Mary Hann Hay, as they move to a new charge in Moberly, MO after their nearly nine year pastorate at Covenant Community Fellowship. The church in Columbia will miss them, while Moberly will welcome them. The right leader is needed for the church in Columbia.

Please also pray for Community Fellowship Church in Corydon, IN, as Pastor Titus Gilbert and family prepare for their move to Thailand in some months ahead. While the Gilberts are anxious to begin their missionary work in Thailand, the church in Corydon is going to be seeking a new pastor very soon.

Pray for GS Sillings as he meets with both of these congregations and seeks the best leader for each of them.

Personal Requests

Please pray for me as I travel around the country and across the seas. I just returned from a meeting in Nigeria on Sept 21, and I have been asked to be part of homecoming week in the Philippines this December. In addition to trips abroad, there are a number of domestic visits which need to be made between now and the end of 2015. Top this off with the need to pastor New Hope well, and you can see the need for your prayers.

William Sillings

Please pray for our Fundamental Wesleyan Conference, October 28-30, on the campus of Southern Methodist College in Orangeburg, SC. The theme is “Lifting High the Holy Word.”

Dr. Norm Geisler will be speaking on the new battle regarding the inerrancy and authority of Scripture.

Dr. Steve Blakemore, Wesley Biblical Seminary, Jackson, MS will give a paper “How to Know the Words are ‘The Word.'”

Vic Reasoner