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About IFBC

The International Fellowship of Bible Churches, Inc. is a voluntary fellowship of ministries who share common goals and purposes within the Church of Christ universal.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the International Fellowship of Bible Churches, Inc. shall be, insofar as God enables:

  1. To know Christ and to make Him known.
  2. To fulfill the biblical mandates to the Church to worship and glorify God, to evangelize the lost, to edify believers, to seek sanctification and holiness of life for all the saved, and to foster the establishment of the kingdom of God in this present age while waiting for Christ’s second coming.
  3. To provide mutual support for cooperative effort and spiritual fellowship between local congregations.
  4. To provide the necessary administrative format for:
    1. Both religious and charitable purposes.
    2. Cooperative effort toward fulfilling the various ministries mandated in Scripture such as: the unification of the body of Christ, church planting, world missions, Christian education, fulfilling social needs of our constituents which relate to kingdom building, meeting the material and emotional needs which may arise on the global scene, and other ministries not named herein.

Our Name

The International Fellowship of Bible Churches, Inc. is a Church in global mission, comprised  of ministers, autonomous congregations and other parachurch organizations.

  • International refers to our commitment to love and service to the global Church, currently serving in sixteen countries.
  • Fellowship refers to our commitment to the body of Christ.  While celebrating the autonomy of the local congregation we hold to the belief that the Church is One, and we really do need each other.
  • Bible refers to our commitment to the full inspiration, inerrancy, authority and sufficiency of the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments of Holy Scripture.  IFBC holds the Bible to be the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.
  • Churches refers to our belief that ministry occurs most efficiently and effectively at the local church level. IFBC exists to lend support to its churches, church leaders, and parachurch leaders in their fulfillment of the Christian world mission.