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Administration & Leadership
Dr. William Sillings General Superintendent

Dr. William Sillings has served as pastor of New Hope Worship Center in Oklahoma City since 1987. He has also served as General Superintendent of the International Fellowship of Bible Churches, Inc. since July of 1998, after serving several years as Administrative Coordinator for the Fellowship. He had also served as the Editor of Fellowship Publications from 1988 until 1998, and as part of the International Coordinating Council from 1988-96.

Dr. Sillings is the son of Harrison and Fennettia Sillings, of Palmyra, Indiana, the husband of Shirley Wolfe Sillings (1972) and father to three daughters and two sons-in-law --  Jennifer, Laura and her husband Shawn, Erica and husband Jeff -- and three grandchildren - Anthony, Nathan and Elliott.

The Sillings' have been pastoring churches since 1975, serving congregations in the Church of the Bible Covenant (1975-87) in Indiana, Louisiana, and Illinois. In 1987, the family moved to Oklahoma City to take up pastoral responsibilities at New Hope Worship Center.  Dr. Sillings' chief pleasure in pastoral life is helping people come to know Christ in His fullness and in seeing them become fully mature disciples of Jesus.

Dr. Sillings also served as Editor of "The Covenanter,"  for the Church of the Bible Covenant from 1983-88. Also during that same time frame, he served on the church's missions board and the college board of control.   He also served the denomination as Vice President of Finance for Covenant Foundation College  (1986-87). Dr. Sillings completed his Th. B. degree at Covenant Foundation College (1975), a Master of Divinity degree at Anderson School of Theology (1986) and the Doctor of Ministry Degree at Fuller Theological Seminary (1996). The duties of Fellowship Missions have so far led Dr. Sillings to the Philippines, Barbados, Guyana, Guatemala, Nigeria, and Haiti.

Rev. Robert Gilbert Director of Foreign Initiatives
Jean Sands Director of Chaplain Initiatives
Organizational Structure

International Assembly

Biannually, on the even numbered year, the Fellowship of Bible Churches meets in International Assembly. This Assembly is comprised of ministers on the Roll of Elders and Ministers of the Fellowship and elected delegates from member churches and parachurch organizations.

Officers and Committees

International Coordinating Council (ICC)

The ICC is comprised of 20 elected members, an elder and layman from each quadrant of the US, plus 6 elders and six lay members at large. The ICC directs all matters of business for the Fellowship between International Assemblies. Members of the ICC are elected to serve 4 year terms. They may serve as many as two terms in succession, after which they must take at least a year’s absence from the Council. The ICC is comprised of five distinct commissions for its various labors.

  • Commission on World Mission and Evangelism – 5 members.
  • Commission on Church Growth – 6 members.
  • Commission for Credentials and Membership – 3 members.
  • Commission for Education and Publications – 3 members.
  • Commission on Finance – 3 members.

Executive Committee

The ICC may appoint an executive committee to take care of the day to day administration of the Fellowship between ICC meetings. The EC is comprised of five members and is amenable to the ICC.

Fellowship Secretary

The Fellowship Secretary functions as a recording secretary for the International Assembly and the ICC. He/She also has oversight of the maintenance of the credentials files for all the ministers in the Fellowship.

Fellowship Treasurer

The Fellowship Treasurer has custody of the funds of the Fellowship and ensures their proper usage. The treasurer is responsible for receiving and disbursing funds for the Fellowship (as directed by the ICC) and for maintaining accurate records of the Funds of the Fellowship and for reporting to the ICC and the International Assembly regarding the use of the Fellowship’s resources. The Fellowship Treasurer is directly amenable to the ICC.

General Superintendent

The General Superintendent is elected every four years during the International Assembly. The General Superintendent has oversight of all the functions of the Fellowship of Bible Churches, and carries out administrative and leadership duties.

Structure Chart