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Call to Prayer for Haiti

This recently from Dr. Guenson Charlot, President of Emmaus University in Haiti and member of IFBC.



I come from one of the most remote places in Haiti. To this day, no form of vehicle can reach the place where I was born. Yet, I am now the husband of Jamaica’s most lovely, intelligent, Godly, and productive daughter. I am the lead pastor of one of the fastest growing, influential, and kingdom-minded churches in Cap-Haitian. I am the president of the most beautiful, well-equipped, and distinguished biblically based university in the entire country. I have sat under some of the most prolific scholars in the Western educational system.

People call me pastor, reverend and doctor. I have traveled to countless countries. I have met prominent people of all ethnicities, races, and genders. I speak 3 languages and have a good understanding of a fourth.  All of these I have known and enjoyed because of two privileges.

First, Jesus. Somehow, Jesus got to my parents and saved them from their voodoo heritage, practice, and enslavement long before I was born. By the time I entered the picture, I found my father and my mother in church serving the Lord to the best of their ability. This tells me that Jesus is everywhere, indeed. Even where the best human vehicles cannot reach.

My mother, without the privilege to go to school and thus could neither read nor write, taught me whatever Scriptures she memorized from the Sunday school. My parents led me to Jesus. I accepted Him and let Him lead me. All I have achieved so far must be credited to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. The grace of Jesus is my first privilege in life.

My second privilege? Education. I am who I am today, able to serve those I am able to serve today, because of the grace and blessings of Jesus and the privilege of going to school.

These two privileges, Jesus, and education—quality and biblically-based education—are the only hope to pull Haiti out of its religious, social, economic, and political quagmire.

If you have been following the history of unrest in Haiti, you would realize that the primary target of these attacks are not political leaders, but schools! All the major rioting in Haiti happens just before the school year begins. This is a diabolical strategy to keep people uneducated in Haiti. Everything else seems to be able to function during chaos except for the educational institution. It pains my heart.   

It pains my heart to see young men and women being manipulated by crooked, selfish, greedy, and evil politicians…causing these generations of energetic, strong, and passionate people to work against the very things that can help them have a better life and future.

It pains my heart to witness so many young people who are falling into the trap of self-destruction only because they are not equipped to think for themselves.

It pains my heart when circumstances force us to close our campus.

It pains my heart when I see our students reluctantly leave our campus, some with tears in their eyes, knowing if Emmaus must close its doors, it means the situation is desperate.

It pains my heart to see so many young people eager to learn but locked within the confines of their homes with no electricity and internet to work at home.

It pains my heart to witness the forces of evil so much at work in my country, destroying lives.

I am calling for an army of people to share my anguish. The situation cannot and will never be able push me, Emmaus, and the church away. In fact, it is here to remind us of our mission. Jesus must be proclaimed. Young people in Haiti must be educated. We will prevail. We only need to persevere in focus and His wisdom. Please pray earnestly for the present situation. Spread the word to others who will join with us as an intercessory group.

Dr. Guenson Charlot