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IFBC Haiti Report – August 2020

It is with a heart full of gratitude to God that I am reporting to the IFBC global family that the Lord has been sparing us in Haiti from the wrath of Covid-19. To date not one of our IFBC affiliates has been infected. All our churches have reopened since July 12 and no cases have been reported among our affiliate members. This is incredible. It cannot be anything else but the Lord. His grace is saving and sparing us.

It is a blessing that COVID-19 is not causing us any catastrophic physical harm. Yet, it affects many other areas in our lives here. We have seen our currency being devalued at an exponential rate. This creates a huge inflation and living is becoming more and more expensive. We thank IFBC International for thinking about us. In May we received some money to support our pastors. Most of them were really surprised to receive this generous gift knowing how difficult things all over the world are right now. Pastor Franklin Jenet in particular (picture), one of our older affiliate pastors, saw the gift as a timely answer to his prayer. He had a mild stroke and was hospitalized. He did not know how he would pay for his hospital bills. When I called him and told him that I received some money for him, he could not believe it. He was able to use the money to pay for his hospital bills and went home. He still needs prayers and support for full recovery.

In addition, most of you might have heard about the change of leadership at Emmaus University. I have been selected to replace Dr. Matt Ayars who returns to the US to be the President of Wesley Biblical Seminary. This is a big shoe to fill. At times I feel both excited and scared. What a time to be called to lead one of the leading universities in the country? But God’s timing is perfect. He sure has a plan. All I need to do is to listen and follow His lead.

Prayer requests:

  1. Please pray for wisdom, discernment, understanding, humility, and patience as I lead Emmaus during this difficult time. Pray that the Lord will continue to provide Emmaus with what we need to continue to thrive.
  2. Pray for God’s continued covering of all our pastors and their churches and members against covid-19
  3. We have two of our affiliate churches that are in real bad shape—when I say bad in Haitian standard it’s really bad—that need some urgent help. We fear that they can collapse anytime during service. Most members of these churches are children. Any support will help to put some pillar to hold the structure for the time being.
  4. Pray for many young people who are felt called to ministry but cannot afford the cost to attend Bible school. It costs Emmaus US$2500 per student per year. Emmaus charges its students only 500 for the year. Even then most of them cannot afford it. My dream is to have an IFBC scholarship funds to help our affiliate churches members who are called to ministry.


Thank you and may God continue to bless you at IFBC

Guenson Charlot