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India 2020


1st quarter 2020

By Sindhu & Minati

 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God;

and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

(Phil 4:6-7)

 Praises – Activities – Prayer Requests – and Needs

 We thank God for His protection during the Coronavirus crisis, as we have continued to minister in different parts of the region.

  •  People Receiving Christ
    • During the period from January 1st through March 15th, the Gospel was presented to 1324 people in different locations, prayer meetings, churches and public gatherings.
    • During that time 675 people received Christ.
    • In addition, 38 people received Christ at a meeting held March 6th in Kuntighat.
    • Although Baptisms were cancelled on March 18th, we were still able to Baptize 3 prior to that.
    • Prayer Meetings
      • Many demon-possessed were prayed for and the demons cast out.
      • 7 Hindu couples came to be prayed for that they may be able to bear children.
      • A Muslim Imam came for prayer that he will be healed. He asked that we pray to our Jesus. Please keep praying for he and his family’s salvation.
    • Leprosy Ministry
      • A young Muslim convert named Seema had been ‘thrown away’ by her family. She came to us and together through God’s grace and guidance she has begun ministering to the lepers in an Ashram. She dresses and feeds them and takes care of them in many other ways, demonstrating the love of Jesus. Continue to pray for Seema.
    • Outreach Ministry & Camp
      • On February 15th our children’s church team along with parents – all 62 of them – held a one-day picnic and camp in West Bengal for the children and their parents. There was dance, singing, and memory verse, drawing and art competitions. At the end awards and prizes were given out and the gospel shared with their parents. Please pray for the parents, as none are Christians.
    • Pastors & Church Planters Meetings & Seminars
      • The monthly meetings that were held for church planters in Western Odisha and Sambalpur on January 29th and 30th, and again on March 4th.
      • On February 21st at Beniyapurwa village church, a thanksgiving service was held with 150 in attendance. We heard from our guest speaker Lalit J. & Sindhu P. We also baptized two brothers, celebrated the retirement of one of our elders, and ended with communion and a love feast.
      • On February 22nd an “Effective Church Planting” seminary was held by Global India Training Network for 47 pastors and church planters from different denominations.
      • Please pray for all of our Pastors and Church planters as they are on the front lines of ministry in difficult times.
    • Medical Camps – Sewing Machines – Portable Bible School
      • Three free medical camps were held to treat people and present the gospel. March 8th and 9th in Methiagram and Serampore. God enable us to minister to many needs. Two ladies came that had both legs amputated. They were treated and given crutches. Another lady was given a wheelchair. A total of 45 were treated at the one location. Please pray that we will have the funds to buy 3 or 4 wheelchairs to care for the disabled.
      • We were able to purchase 4 sewing machines which were used in our Tailoring Training Center in West Bengal. We thank the donors for their generosity.
      • We have started a Portable Bible School with 15 students in West Bengal. Please pray that this ministry will expand to different regions where students can be trained, built up and sent into the field.


    • Training Center in Odisha
      • We have begun construction on a Training Center in Odisha
        • For some years we have had the desire to build a training center in Odisha. This state is one that is known for severe persecution of Christians. In 1999 the Australian Missionary Br. Graham Stein was burned alive along with his two minor sons. Then during 2008-2009 severe persecution broke out with 110 Pastors and believers killed, chopped into pieces and 750 churches burned to the ground. As a result, over 53,000 people became homeless. It was during that time that I (Sindhu) was teaching in a seminary in the North and sensed a special call of God to go there and work to encourage and equip those persecuted pastors and church planters. As a result, God gave us a vision to build the Training Center. Odisha has 46 Million people, 94% Hindus and only 2.4% Christians. Our vision is to teach & train thousands of indigenous pastors and church planters and send them to the 53,000 villages in Odisha State.
        • But here is the problem. We don’t have the funds to complete the building. We need financial support. Would you please share this need with others that God would lay it on their heart to help us with this project?

    Thanks for standing with us through your prayer and support in the expansion of God’s Kingdom in India.