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India: Four Reports – 2020

Dear Partners in Mission,

Greetings in Christ ‘s name!  Please find below some of our field workers reports for the first quarter (January to March 2020). Thank you for your prayers and generous support. May God bless you and reward you for your partnership in God’s mission with us. Together in His service, Sindhu and Minnie



January through March 2020

Report 1. 

Name of Church Planter: Swarajit B.

Name of People groups: Bengali, Mahato, Mahisya, Brahmin, & Kaibarta



During the month:

  • Church services were held on January 1st with 75 in attendance, including 40 who heard the gospel for the first time. One believer received water baptism.
  • The gospel was preached in 2 new villages, where 200 Hindu, Muslim and other people live.  In these two villages a total of 700 people heard the Gospel for the first time, and 21 received Christ.
  • Four (4) new Churches were planted among the Mahisya, Kaibarta, and general Hindus. We also experienced many healings,

February 2020

During the month:

  • Four people received Christ at Akhna Village.
  • The gospel was preached in a Muslim community and 2 people came to faith in Jesus Christ
  • More than 600 heard the gospel for the first time.
  • Three people received Christ at Elampur Village

March 2020

During the month:

  • Twenty-One men and women received Christ at Ramnagar Village
  • Nine people started coming to church and two received Christ at Ghosal Para Village
  • A total of 400 people heard the gospel in different villages
  • A new mission station was opened at Purba Boga (in English)
  • Several people received healing

 Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our family especially my wife with stomach issues
  • Pray for safety and protection from the CoVID-29 virus.
  • Pray for a place and a building where we can gather from all of the house churches to praise God.


Report 2.

Name of Church Planter: Prabhudan L.

Name of People groups: Soria, Birhor, Odia


Stories & Miracles during this first quarter:

  1. A family in Kesai Bahal village was under bondage to witchcraft where several of the family members had died. One of the members heard about me (Prabhudan) and came to ask for prayer. After much prayer the remaining family members are alive as Jesus gave them life.
  2. Sister Sanjukta from the same family, had a dream where Jesus came to her in her own language and said. “I am Jesus, why do you doubt, I came to save your live and give you peace if you believe in me”. She shared her dream with the family and six of them became believers in Jesus and are now coming to church regularly.
  3. In the village of Kuntra a family had been trying to have children for more than six years without success. One of the believers told them about Jesus and asked them if they would come to the church. I prayed with them as did other believers. They are now pregnant about 4 months and are praising God for this miracle.
  4. In the village of Kandupara the son of a family was heavy into drugs an alcohol. He started beating his parents and causing much stress and turmoil. Someone told the father about Jesus and pastor Prabhudan. He came and I shared the gospel with him. Eventually the whole family came to Christ and they have now joined the church.

 Praise and Prayer Request

  • On March 12th a wild animal came near to my (Prabhudan) house from the jungle/forest area. It began to attacked some family members and so I killed the animal. One of the Hindu men from the same village informed the Forest department and the forest ranger and police came and arrested me as the head of the family. They also arrested two other men from the village. The three of us were tortured, harassed and falsely accused of many things. We were kept for 3 days under police custody. During this time, we were beaten, tortured and humiliated, yet found time to share the gospel with the forest ranger and the policemen. They both sought forgiveness and asked what they must do to come to Jesus and be saved. After the 3 days we were released on bail and now have a court date on April 3rd. Please pray for us as we face out court date.


Report 3.

Name of Church Planter: Brijesh K.Y.

Name of People groups: Yadavsadgope


During the quarter:

  • Four families have received Christ from the Yadav community.
  • One family received a miracle of healing
  • Praise God for saving the life of brother Satish who was in a terrible accident on his motor bike. He suffered severe head and body injuries, but his life was spared He is now recovering from his injuries.

Prayer Request

  • Since the Prime Minister has announced a 21 day lockdown we are in a quarantined situation and not much ministry is happening in March
  • Uttar Pradesh has been a very hard ground for ministry and evangelism since BJP government has come to power. They are restricting every Christian activity. However, they are copying what Christians do but saying no to Christians. They are accusing us of religious conversions. Since the PM is a pro-Hindu he has shut down forcefully many house churches, beaten pastors and put believers in jail. Police are vigilant daily, thus gospel work is very restricted. Prayerfully and carefully we are doing ministry, but results are slow. Please pray that this situation will end, and that God’s power will be revealed – that people will come to know that the God of the Bible is the one true and living God.
  • Pray for sister Kiran Y. who has had the fever and headache for the last two months.


Report 4.

Name of Church Planter: Hananeeya P.

Name of People groups: Chamar, Dalit, Mallahas, Machuara (Fishermen)


  • For His protection during the Covid-19 virus. India has over 600 cases with 15 deaths. We are being asked to stay at home, and as the Lord asked the people in Isaiah 26:20 we are observing that.
  • Outcome of the Spiritual Revival meeting held February 20th. There were 120 attending.
  • For the newly launched Leprosy Ministry and the work of sister Seema P.

Prayer Request

  • Pray for Manohar’s family who are having to sell their house to survive.
  • Pray for Mrs Poonam R. who has cancer.
  • Pray for Chandan & Suraj who were recently baptized that they may continue to grow strong in the Lord.
  • Pray for the 31 new families who have received Christ recently.
  • Please pray for all of the believers who are under great persecution. We experience beatings, and arrests with torture.
  • 152 of our believers are from different locations and slums in Kanpur. Christians cannot find housing because so many are owned by Hindu’s, so they are forced to live in the slums and small huts.
  • Please pray for a vehicle so that we can transport these people to church.
  • Please pray that we will be able to secure a piece of land for the church and parsonage.
  • Pray that we will be able to start an English Medium school to care for and educate the many children who are abandoned or have no way to get an education.
  • Pray for the Hindu couples below who have not been able to have children. They are now coming to us to pray with them and that they may have children. Many are therefore coming to Christ.
    • Pratibha & Bablu
    • Mamata & Sunil
    • Susheela & Ashok
    • Sibani & Bharat
    • Rani & Sunil