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India Report July 2020


Report for the period April – June 2020

Good morning and Greetings from Odisha,

We thank you for your prayers and support for the work of all the church planters in India. Despite the lockdown during the past three months, God has used us in many different ways. Below are some of those ways.

Sindhu and Minnie

No 1. Prabhudan L. – Odisha


  • Several healings
  • A pastor of a Lutheran Church, with very little knowledge of Christ or His word and living a very secular and sinful lifestyle came to Christ.
    • After watching several of Prabhudan’s sermons as well as others (as a result of covid19) he came to Prabhudan with many questions. Prabhudan was able to lead him to Christ through much guidance in the Word and prayer. As a result, the pastor has left the Lutheran Church along with a few from his congregation and is now fellowshipping with Prabhudan’s church. He is also wanting to be baptized.
  • A very well-known and wealthy carpenter from a Gouda UPG became very worried about his ‘prodigal sons’. He heard about Prabhudan and came to him asking for prayer for his sons. Prabhudan told him of the story of the prodigal son from the Bible. As a result, the father had begun attending church. After the lockdown occurred, the sons returned home and along with their father they began watching messages online. They have now began to meet with Prabhudan for prayer and Bible study. Praise the Lord!


  • For Prabhudan’s young son who does not want to go to school.
  • For Heliani L. (Prabhudan’s sister) who is suffering from Asthma.
  • Pray for all those wanting to receive baptism once we are able – hopefully in July.

No.2 Swarajit B. – East India


  • We were able to meet in house church despite lockdown.
    • Initially people would walk to Sunday services. We were meeting with 15 to 17 people. The police told us not to have more than 7 to 10 people. We complied and only met with 7 (two families). After one month, we started walking to nearby villages to meet in people’s houses. We have continued that and now house churches are meeting five villages.
  • Several healings
  • Two families who have come to Christ
  • Ten people who are ready for baptism once we are able


  • For a place to gather for worship
  • Sister Mamata, a believer to grow strong in the Lord
    • Her family members to know the Lord
  • A motor bike in order to travel to rural places
  • For Philemon who needs a kidney transplant
  • For others who are sick, need work, still searching for the truth, and the needs from covid/lockdown.

No.3 Hananeeya P. – North India


  • Protection and Grace upon all families and church planters.
    • Many in this area are under severe persecution – even in spite of the covid19 lockdowns etc. Many pastors have been jailed and believers are heavily persecuted. Yet God has been faithful.
    • Many have been protected from death.
  • Even though Christian activities have been denied during the lockdown, we thank God that we have still been able to ‘connect’ in other ways.
  • For the ability to distribute food supplies and other needs during these past 3 months, and we were able to share the love of Christ.
  • Many pregnant women were given aid.


  • For all of the above-mentioned issues – particularly protection from persecution – and the strength to remain strong.
  • The needs of all our believers during this lockdown.
  • That we will soon be free to resume our ministry – at least from the lockdown issues.
  • A more permanent place of worship.