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June Report Nigeria #2

The following report is from Rev. John Onwuka who is currently ministering in Owerri, Nigeria. John has been a long time friend and member of the IFBC family, and we have been supporting him in different ways. Please add he and his wife to your prayer list as they labor for the Lord.

Report from John Onwuka – Owerri, Nigeria

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A review or summary of our expenditures and projects are as follows: (editors note: The specific financial number have been removed)

  1. Replacement of the old windows with a new ones including the laying of brick.
  2. Replaced the bookshelves in my office.
  3. We spent some of the money on my wife’s injury incurred in a automobile accident sometime ago and needed treatment including an injection and medications.
  4. We are planning on portioning the classrooms to achieve more privacy.

In other activities this month we have been emphasizing evangelism. We have set apart every Friday of the week for this purpose. During this time we have been covering the simple Gospel message from Adam to Christ to the Second coming. I have also focused on this during our pastor’s seminar.

In the Bible College, we still are looking for and encouraging pastors to come. Currently,  we have six new students. The National Administrative Council of the church has written to all the pastor’s  and is encouraging them to attend. We are looking forward that by January of next year, the number of our students shall increase by God’s grace.

This year we have almost completed two trimesters, and  we shall be completing the final one by December. What i am gradually doing now is to define the courses and give them codes and allot credit hours.

I am serving as a mentor to our teaching staff. This process includes giving them books to read and encouraging them in their spiritual growth. I know this will help them a lot in their life and ministries.

I remain sincerely yours in Christ.

John A. Onwuka

IFBC, Nigeria