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March Report from the Philippines 2020

Monthly Report from the Philippines – March 2020

April 13, 2020

From Richard P. Kawi

Oh, what a pandemic! What a sad world we live in, but our faith has been strengthened because we can see truly that the scriptures are being fulfilled and that we are living in the final days. We anxiously look for the second coming of Jesus. Praise His name forever.

At the beginning of lock down here March 12, I was in Baguio City, holding a wake for my dear cousin. I was able to share the word of God with them and provide comfort. As I began my journey home with a great deal of uncertainty, I experienced actual fear for the first time in all my travels. I was able by God’s grace to pass through several checkpoints although I had to plead with them to let me pass. The last checkpoint was here in Tarlac where I live. It was closed to everyone but again, I thank the Lord that I was able to pass and arrived home safely that night.

Because our churches are all on lock down, we are doing home worships and prayer meetings in our homes. As pastors we are also monitoring our members by way of social media. We are thanking the Lord that so far no one has reported contracting the virus. We continue to pray for His continued protection and provision for all of our members.

We continue to pray for all of you with IFBC for that same protection and provision during this very difficult time.

As of now, we are anticipating that if this lock down goes on for some time, it will impact a lot of our members with their income, jobs etc. We are placing our trust in our Lord for whatever the outcome.

We have had to cancel the events planned for April, but we will wait to report on that next month. We have bought a number of supplies etc., as we have been encouraged to do so during the lockdown.

In the meantime, we don’t know how long the Covid19 will last, but are anticipating that the economic breakdown will cause the world to suffer and especially missions. However, we do believe that God’s economy will never be affected. Praying that God will use this crisis to expand His Kingdom and the work of missions will continue.