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India – 2019

Update for the IFBC Church in India—July 2019

Please pray for the believers, both old and new, in India to have strong faith in Jesus and be able to hold firm in the face of persecution.  The situation in Uttar Pradesh, and especially Kanpur, is not safe for Christians.  There is a Hindu Fanatic group from the present government ruling party that are compelling and forcing Christians and Muslims to take the name of the Hindu gods and goddesses.  If anyone denies these gods/goddesses, they are being beaten mercilessly.  A couple weeks ago 2 young men were beaten to death, after being tied to a tree with a rope.  Many people were watching and unable to stop it from happening.

Just last week, another pastor was falsely accused of conversion and was beaten and sent to jail.  Pastor H. and other Pastors have met to try to get him released from prison.  Please pray for the pastor’s family and the pastor.


Update report from India – June 2019

The following report of the work in two areas of India was submitted by Sindu P.


Report for May and June


  • We praise God for the opening in new villages to spread the Gospel.
  • That my whole family is involved in the work of God.
  • The working of miracles in people’s lives:
    • A man 30 years old who had been mad for some time was healed because of earnest prayer.
    • A lady was healed of very serious stomach pain.
    • Several others suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and headaches etc. were healed.
    • A man named Gopal was healed of neck cancer after much prayer.


  • As more people are coming to faith in Christ, we need prayer that we will lead them to growth in Christ-likeness. Pray for us that we will guide them to grow strong in the Lord.
  • Pray for medical facilities in the rural villages. Many are falling sick and have little hope for treatment. We also need prayer for medical supplies.
  • I work in a Bank, and recently got transferred to another village, however I thank God for taking me to that village, where I can share the Word of God. Pray for those who hear to be receptive to the Gospel.
  • Because of the increase in believers in each village, we need a proper place to gather for worship. We have some land, but please pray for the added resources to construct a house of worship.


  • Salvations 110
  • Baptisms 14
  • Attendance – Sunday worship & Services
    • Kuntighat Village 15-17
    • Methiagram Village 60-70
    • Kamargachhi Village 25-30
    • Diksui Village 12-15
    • Kapastuli 15-20
  • Tailoring training begun
    • 20 women are receiving training
  • Sunday Schools started
    • Methiagram village 15-20 children ages 4-17
    • Kamargachhi 25-30 children
  • Reaching new villages
    • Ponsur, Kapastuli & Belhgaria
  • Needs
    • A Scooty (lady scooter) to travel to these new villages



  • 110 believers who worship under the shade of a tree. (‘the leaf shade’)
  • A believer named Anita L. who was bitten twice by a snake while sleeping, but God spared her life.
  • For the Ganesh D. family coming to the Lord. They were unable to have children for 7 years. But since coming to the Lord they are now pregnant.


  • Please pray for the resources to build a place of worship. We have land but need $5,000 to buy bricks and tin to construct a place of worship.
  • Please pray for Anita L. who was bitten by the snake. God spared her life, but she still needs our prayer.
  • Pray for the family of Ganesh D. that they may continue to grow strong in the Lord.
  • Pray for Prafhudan L.’s wife who is suffering with breast cancer.


  • Salvations 46
  • Baptisms 46
  • Attendance – Sunday Worship & Services
    • Mandiapara Village 110
    • Nearby Village 26
    • Fasting & Prayer 15
    • Cottage Prayer 10
    • Revival Meeting 220