Connecting, encouraging and equipping members to advance authentic Christianity everywhere, to the glory of God.

Introduction to Foreign Initiatives

Foreign Initiatives is our term for mission programs pursued outside of the U.S.

Our Vision of “A viable IFBC church in every city, town and village in the world” challenges us to be as widely involved as possible in global mission. This vision compels us to focus on four primary and interrelated strategies: we promote disciple making as a primary evangelism strategy, provide pastoral education for developing national leaders in each country, facilitate church planting in every mission locale, and cooperate with local churches to build buildings. Other subordinate projects include orphanage leadership and promoting the Jesus Film.

We rely heavily upon our members to support our global mission to connect, encourage and equip members to advance authentic faith in Jesus everywhere, to the glory of God. To that end, we expect that member churches and ministers will support the mission both spiritually and financially. Great success has been achieved through our officially adopted programs of Faith Promise and Birthdays for Buildings. Email either [email protected] or [email protected] for more information on those programs.

As of August 2019, IFBC member ministers, churches or missionaries are engaged in several forms of ministry in the following locations in addition to the United States, representing 3 additional continents plus the Caribbean. Ultimately, our vision drives us to plant churches in every country in the world.