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Nigeria – 2019

August 2019 Report from Nigeria

I am happy to report on the work of the Lord in Nigeria. The leadership of IFBC (John O., William U. and Joe C.) have held two meetings during the past two months for the purpose of fellowship and planning for the IFBC work.  I want you to know that  we are resolved to pursue the mission of IFBC in Nigeria by the help of God.

The following are projects that we are already working on:

  1. IFBC Ministers Forum: A minister’s forum started a few months ago and they are now meeting monthly. The goal of this forum is to introduce pastors to IFBC work internationally and locally through teaching and encouraging pastors in their pastoral responsibilities. Our focus now is on growing the group. The next meeting is scheduled for the 31st of this month. (August 2019)
  2. Church Plant- Currently we have two house church plants that have started in Lagos and Oyo State, (outside Lagos.) The plan is to move these house churches to new accommodations – as full churches. There is a plan for a third church plant to commence in  Delta State shortly.
  3. IFBC Minister’s Conference in 2020. We are planning for an IFBC minister’s conference in Nigeria next year. The conference shall be in collaboration with other church organizations such as the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). The purpose of the conference will be to spread and extend IFBC teaching and preaching ministry to a larger pastoral audience. We are hoping to have the involvement and support of the IFBC in the USA as a part of this conference.
  4. Affiliation: We have also given approval for Pastor Joe C. to seek the affiliation of his ministry with IFBC.  John O. is to provide guidance for Joe C. to complete and send his application form to the USA.
  5. Owerri Bible College: There are plans by John O. to revive and provide supervision to the Bible school at Owerri.

Thanks for for praying for the above as the three of us labor for the Kingdom in Nigeria.

With Gratitude,

William U. – International Fellowship of Bible Churches Missionary@ACTS