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Philippines October Report

October 12,2020

First of all, I thank the Lord for all His provisions, protections, and preservations to us and most especially in His field of ministry where we are involved to work with the Lord.

I am happy to send this report that the HIFBC Philippines is once again encouraged and moving forward to implement and mobilize our workers to coaching one another. We have been applying this strategy named Generational Mapping Coaching Tool as a means to growing a healthy church. This kind of tool mobilizes leaders without offensive coaching and forceful strategies but in voluntary actions as each local area participates using their own skills and gifts in building the Lord’s Kingdom.  For example, some coach leaders have 4 to 6 persons in each team and are coaching them how to work, including in home Bible studies, children preaching points, ministries of visitation, prayer, youth, men’s, women’s, maintenance and others.

We national leaders gather at least once a month to coach and encourage each other.  We will continue to evaluate the progress and determine if our goals are being accomplished, or to make adjustments as needed. We are very much encouraged by this entire process.

In addition, projects of local churches are ongoing:

  • The front extension of San Isidro Church,
  • Boundary walls and other additional rooms in Iba San Jose Church
  • The church building in Banaoang West Moncada Tarlac, and Bible school buildings.

In each of these the work depends on the available funds for each building.

Current and continuing Needs: Total cost of @ $1,000 usd

  • Laptop computer
  • Printer/Copy machine

Thank you for all your kindness and efforts and as well your undying full support to us on the Philippine field. God bless with prayers…

Brother in Christ,

Richard P. K.