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Philippines Report January 2022

Philippines Report –  January 2022

As for the first month of year 2022, we had a GMCT-Strategic Planning meeting for our National Revival nights and National Convention, February 3rd to 6th, 2022. Delegates were selected from every local church along with their pastors and Christian workers. We also set goals and objectives for each quarter over the next two years before the next National Convention in 2024.

Right after our Strategic Planning on Sunday the 9th, we traveled to HIFBC Bugallon Pangasinan, to attend their weeklong revival, as their invited speaker. Indeed, the Lord truly operated in the hearts and lives of Bugallon Church. Glory to God.

From January 13 to 16th, we were in HIFBC Banenbeng Sablan, Benguet. We were there to officiate and celebrate the marriage of pastors, Lani P. Isla and Jay’s daughter. We did enjoy our days of being there celebrating the wedding feast, fellowshipping with our church members and the community.

On the 28th of January, we had a follow up online meeting with the pastors and Christian workers for the finalization of National revival nights and National Convention programs and the meeting ended with high expectations and prayer.

Lastly, I talked to some of our young adults from Asan Norte, Sison Pangasinan about staying after the national Convention, to do some work on the Carter’s building. Most of our young people who have worked on the building are from Sison Pangasinan. It has been very hard to find volunteer or paid laborers since the pandemic occurred due to the restrictions concerning travels and overstaying out of your province.

Please remember our need for one Lap Tap and Copier Machine for our field office. Thank you so much to your unfailing full support and genuine concerns for us on the Philippine Field.

God bless with prayers.  Brother in Christ,

Richard P. K.