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Philippines Report May 2020

Philippines Report for May 2020

We have continued to be in a general lockdown, although it was lifted to some degree just recently. It has had a great impact on 60% to 80% of our churches and ministries.

However, a month ago we were encouraged because our members have still been faithful with their tithes and offerings. 

In addition, Sunday home worship services have been getting stronger as members are continuing to gather as they had been before the crisis. Ptr. Carmen D.and the young people’s gatherings continue in Asan norte Sison. She is also preaching every Sunday among her families and relatives, even though her assigned church in Laoac Casampagaan Pangasinan is in lockdown. Other pastors and leaders of the local HIFBC churches are the ones leading home Sunday worship services and mid-week prayer meetings in other places.

Our pastors are participating in zoom calls every Sunday afternoon at three pm and are still reporting, and sharing. We are planning to make Sunday curriculum materials  available for the local churches to help our leaders in preaching or teaching in the event that the quarantine lasts longer, even into the next year.

In the meantime, lawn mowing, fixing fences, gardening and other little projects are taking place on  the buildings which started weeks ago. Rainy seasons have been forecasted and two typhoons have crossed the country this month. Yes, summer here is over as the rainy season begins.

Okay that’s all for the month of May 2020. Thank you so much for your unfailing full support and concerns for us.God bless you all.

Brother in Christ,

Richard P. K.