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Report and Urgent Request for Prayer from India

Report and Urgent Request for Prayer from India

From Sindhu and Minnie

We have an urgent prayer request because of the increase in persecution

In late February, Sindhu performed baptism for 7 believers in West Bengal and distributed Bibles. Although many more were ready to receive baptism, they did not feel safe due to some problems caused by the local people in another village. Even those who did receive baptism were brought to an unknown place and were given baptism.

Sister Rinku S.  took water baptism and came home with a new Bible. But her husband who said it was okay to go, mercilessly beat her upon her return and burned her Bible. Then he told her to leave the house. So, she came to her mother’s house. Then she and her mother came to our house.

After a couple of days with us, we dropped her back with her husband after he had come and abused us, threatening to report us to the police. We tried to reason with him, but he insisted he would report us.

After she had been back with her husband for one night, he again insisted she leave as he was getting pressure from his family to disown her because she had changed her religion. However, Rinku has said “whatever may happen to me, I will not forsake my Savior Jesus who suffered and died for me. So, I may have to suffer for Him. I will come to the prayer meetings and Sunday services if I can. Just pray for me and my husband that Jesus will change him.”

SO please pray for all of us. These days, there are many persecutions happening against Christians. Here are some examples:

  • One pastor was tied with both hands behind his back and pushed down and kicked and beaten for over an hour.
  • One pastor was preaching the Gospel and some tribal people were worshiping their god and caught him and tied his neck to sacrifice him to their gods.
  • A pregnant woman was kicked many times and her baby died as she attempted to save herself and a pastor who was being beaten by a fundamentalist group.
  • In Uttar Pradesh, Christians are facing severe persecutions. One pastor was tied and locked in the room without food and water for a few days, hoping that he would die inside. But his wife took the bold step to provide food and water in secret as she tried to rescue him. However, he refused, because he said they would kill her also.

These are the kind of things that are happening all over India and is why we desperately need your prayers.