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Report from Nigeria – John Onwuka

NIGERIA – December Report from Rev. John Onwuka

Greetings to all. I am grateful for all of your prayers for my wife, for the teachings in the Pilgrims Bible College in Owerri, Nigeria, and for the Christian ministry within the branches that we are involved in.

My Wife’s stroke.     It has been five months since my wife had the stroke which paralyzed her left hand and leg. We took her to the Federal Medical Center where she was for four weeks. During that time of tests and medicine and many other measures, we exhausted all the funds we could afford. We then moved her to my in-law’s home. For now, she has started walking slowly. There are other medicines and things she still needs, so we ask you to continue to pray for us and that God will provide.

Teaching in the PBC.  We started this trimester three months ago, and we are now coming up to the Christmas Break. We will be resuming classes on the 3rd weekend of January. Meanwhile, the students will be taking their final exams this weekend and next before proceeding for Christmas holidays.  I taught almost every week during this trimester and preached occasionally on Sunday’s/ I also preached more often during our chapel services and led in prayers too. The branches of Redeeming Time Pilgrims Mission donated N500.00 each, for which we are very thankful. Most every month we receive N20 to N25 thousand naira for the College. These help us to pay for the teacher’s transportation to and from the College.

An Idea. You can also join with me in prayer about something I am planning to do. I will be going out to many of the smaller churches and urging their Pastors to consider training that we can provide. In Nigeria denominationalism is very high and sometimes too deep. This could be a way that they may receive support, encouragement, and training from a safe and neutral site.  Do you think that this is a good idea? It has some challenges, but I would be interested in what you think.

Pray for Nigeria.We request that you continue to pray for us and our Country. Our nation is sick, the cost of things is ridiculously expensive. But the Lord of Host will rise and save this nation. God bless you all.

Sincerely, Rev John Onwuka