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Report from Southeastern and Lagos Nigeria – William Udotong

Report from Nigeria in two parts. (1) The work of William & Victoria Udotong in Lagos, and (2) The Church planting efforts by Emmanuel and Uche Nwoye in Awaka (Southeastern Nigeria)

  • Report from Lagos Nigeria

We continue to see success with our ministry at Cedrela College ( high School), Africa Center for theological Studies (ACTS) and the IFBC work in Nigeria. The ministry of Cedrela College(High School) has made positive progress as the student population has crossed the line to 100 students. During the first quarter of this year, 17 students accepted Christ during the outreach organized for students and staff. The school is also ministering to the parents of students.

There are five Muslim families who have about 5 kids at Cedrela. They are not opposed to the fact that Cedrela is a Christian College and require all students to attend chapel and read the Bible. Teaching, mentoring and discipling leaders for the church is my lifetime commitment at ACTS and beyond. I have several students under my guidance that I provide teaching and mentoring direction. The African church needs very strong spiritual, theological and culturally relevant leaders. Resourcing and equipping pastors remains a strong driving force. The last conference we held for pastors at the end of 2022 attracted 180 pastors who are involved in ordained and lay ministries. Used books were distributed to all participants.

We also prepare our students for local outreach and international outreach, particularly to West African countries. We have a few of our students who just returned from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Gambia for ministry.

Pray for peace and protection for our IFBC family in Nigeria as we travel for ministry in remote and sometimes dangerous communities. Pray for wisdom in ministering to Muslim children at Cedrela. Pray for two extension schools that I am planning to start in Northern Nigeria for the training of Lay leaders who are badly needed in that part of the country. We remain grateful to IFBC for the opportunity to be partners in the ministry.

(2) Report from Southeastern Nigeria

This short report comes from Brother Emmanuel and Uche Nwoye and the city of Awaka. He and his wife are involved in church plant efforts there and have experienced significant unrest for most of 2022. However, it seems that life there is returning to normal. They have organized a few evangelistic outreaches late last year. Currently, they have planted one successful church with 9 ongoing small group meetings. They are trusting God for a greater harvest. Please pray for those who have been converted to be established and for the cell groups to continue remain strong. Also, please pray for peace and stability in their community. And finally pray for Emmanuel and the academic program he is going through as well as his wife and children.

William and Victoria Udotong