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Philippines 2019

Philippines Report for November 2019

[This report comes from Richard K.]


  • The HIFBC church at Banaoang West Moncada, Tarlac has started construction. After receiving some initial funding and pledges we were able to purchase materials and enough to lay the foundation for this new worship center.
  • The church at Pulong Isla have finished raising the roof on their new church building. This pioneering work has become a model for the work in the Philippines. They have not asked for a single centavo of help, and we are all challenged by their faith and efforts. They were recognized during our previous National Thanksgiving Day as the best pioneering church.
  • The Bible School project at the Lucretia building continues as we await skilled volunteer workers.


  • This years event was held November 30th and featured three activities during a long day of praise and celebration.
    • The annual Thanks was held in the morning and featured the awarding of several ministries.
    • The OFW’S celebration and thanksgiving was held in the afternoon, and
    • The day was concluded with a Concert in the evening to raise funds for the Basketball court.
  • Plans have been made for next years National Convention to be held the last week of January or the first week of February. We are hoping to add another training seminar for pastors and workers. Your prayers and financial support are appreciated. (We anticipate a need of P20,000 – @ $1000)

We extend our thanksgiving to all or our friends and coworkers in the United States for your prayer and support . We hope this report reaches you in good health.

Merry Christmas and God bless.

Philippines Report for September/October 2019

[This report comes from Richard K.]

Trip to the US

I was so blessed to once again – after many years – travel to the United States. I was able to spend some time to attend my niece’s wedding. It was a wonderful time, but I sensed that God had allowed me to take this trip for more than the wedding.

Soon I was able to visit some of our dear members who were living in Tennessee and Florida. Brother Rommel A. and his family were some of our students in the onsite extension classes. They are now settled in the US where his wife is a nurse and their son is in the 10th grade. They are members of the Nazarene church and are involved in a cell group which is reaching out to others from the Philippines. They are praying that someday they will be able to start their own cell group.

I was also able to attend the ICC meetings of IFBC in Corydon, Indiana at the invitation of Dr. William Sillings. These meetings just further established the relationship between IFBC in the US and HIFBC in the Philippines. It was gratifying to hear the reports of what God has been doing around the world.  I cannot express my gratitude in words the overwhelming joy I experienced while at these meetings.

Meanwhile in the Philippines

Home Bible studies, Prayer meetings, preaching points and Visitation ministries continue. We have included some pictures from Pulong I., Molave, West Bonaoan, West Moncada, and Tarlac, which show how these activities are going on with the hopes of building churches.

We continue to ask you to pray for the work here, and especially to consider giving to support these and other efforts which are in progress here.

Philippines Report for August 2019.

 For the month of August, the local churches were experiencing the ongoing yearly crisis during rainy season in the Philippines. Much of the activities were involving campus ministries in some of our local churches.

Our young people are very aggressive in mobilizing their cell group on their school campuses and that makes us proud of them. Another activity  was our Langham preaching club training events with our pastors and Christian workers. We also spent time evaluating our national and local goals, upcoming programs, local church and national projects.

Here at the Bible school campus, we were busy preparing the ground and clearing the buildings so when funds are available, it will be easier to resume the unfinished parts of the buildings and the boundary fence.

We have started a prayer chain among all the local churches for the upcoming revival to begin the third week of October. We will be welcoming  two guests’ speakers from America, and are looking forward to a great time of renewal.  The Revival will be held here at the Bible school campus specifically for pastors, workers, young and old leaders of the church.

I am very much anticipating my visit to the US, which is coming up very soon. I am asking for Him to open doors for me to see many while in the US and to experience God’s blessings in a dynamic way while I am in your beautiful country. It has been 19 years since I was last there, and I am sure that this time will be as much a blessing to me as was that trip those many years ago.

Thank you so much again for your unfailing support to us on the Philippines Field, God bless,

Brother in Christ,

Richard  K.


Philippines Report for July 2019

The month of July is our rainy season. However, our ministries do not cease, but slow a bit just because of the crisis that is created because of the weather.  It is also the season of planting rice and waiting for three to four months before harvest time will come again.

Our activity this month has included officiating at a wedding celebration, a child dedication, sharing God’s message at the Pinsao church and attending pastor’s meetings in the lowlands.

We were grateful to welcome back home one of our young people who had been living in Belgium and then Spain where she met her partner. They have been here visiting with their families and we were glad to be with them during that time.

The Campus Ministry is again up and going as a new school year has begun. Michael C., a young teacher and our National leader for Campus Ministries visited all of the HIFBC churches sharing the vision and mobilizing the start of youth cell groups for the upcoming year. We have been organizing and planning to expand the Campus Ministry beyond the schools. You can pray with us regarding this vision.

We continue to pray and trust God for the funds to resume construction on the Lucretia Building. We are hopeful that this can be started by the end of the year.

With gratitude to all of our IFBC family,

Your brother in Christ,

Richard P. K.


God is at work in the Philippines

June 2019

God is at work among the local churches in the Philippines, with people finding the Lord and the Body of Christ growing. Please thank God for their labor of love among many challenges and continue to lift them in prayer. We highlight four events:

  • Recent Graduations. Several of the young people graduated from High School and College. These names may not mean much to you, but we list them here that you might be reminded to pray as they each enter a new phase of their life.
    • Jester and Faith I. – pastor Jay and Lani’s son and daughter
    • Adrian D. – pastor Carmen’s son
    • Rico D. – from the San Isidro church
    • Patricia Valerie V. – of IBA San Jose Tarlac
  • Recent Employment. Some pastors were invited to join in the celebration and praise for two young people who recently found employment. They joined in a festive time of celebration and thanksgiving to God.
  • Langham Preaching Club. This has been an ongoing experience for several of the pastors. As they report, “slowly our pastors and workers are realizing and learning that it is still best to be faithful, relevant and clear to scripture”. They are learning how to better make the scriptures come alive and relevant to where people are living. “By God’s help, though in a slow process, we are all learning well and enjoying these basics teachings that were neglected for so long.”    

We thank you for your interest in, support of, and faithful prayers for our faithful followers of Jesus who are ministering in the Philippines.

With Gratitude,

Brother in Christ,

Richard P. K.