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Report from the Philippines – Richard Kawi

I am so sorry for this late report. It was a heavy month for  the Kawi’s, as the our elder brother Ruben passed. Then my father in law passed as well later in the month. We thank you for your prayers during this time. We were able to talk about Jesus with others in our family.

Last March 3, we had our national GMCT, meeting and band coaching that leads us to evaluate and pursue our short and long-term goals. Our band coaching is getting exciting as we go on.

On the 25th of last March, the national women’s group held their fellowship at HIFBC, Laoac Casampagaan, Pangasinan, where Ptr. Carmen Delizo is the host church.

From 27 to 30th, Our elderly women pastors and two young adult men, conducted  a child training for VBS and Sunday’s school teachings. Their trainers were from other groups namely, CEF, child evangelism fellowship. They were refreshed and learned new strategies how to evangelize children.

Well, many more to share but I guess that’s is all for the month of March 2023. Kindly continue to pray for us as we face the hard days. Thank you and God bless with prayers…

Brother in Christ,  Richard P. Kawi