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Urgent Prayer for India

The following letter came from our work in India. We have ‘edited’ some minor items. However, please be in prayer for these precious and dedicated servants and followers of Christ in India as they face growing persecution.

“Dear Praying Friends,

Our country India has become very dangerous toward Christians and Muslims. Especially toward Christians these days as you may be hearing from the news or from your other partners in India.

Please read some of these prayer requests and as you do please pray for all the missionaries, pastors and believers to be protected by God and may God open doors in different ways to serve Him in our country.

  • Our government has given strict guidelines for church services due to Covid-19.
  • The government has passed an ‘anti-conversion bill’ in an attempt to stop the spread of the Gospel.
  • They threaten religious conversions, and often will put us in Jail for 3 to 5 years and asses a very steep fine.
  • There are many risks in doing ministry these days.
  • Any church building that has been constructed without prior permission from the government will be demolished and destroyed even if that is a 100-year-old church (this differs from State to State). In some States, however, there have been rallies and protests by some fundamentalist groups against this.
  • Hinduism is getting stronger by force, as believers are being forced to return to the Hindu faith.
  • If we are giving a BAPTISM, we must apply in the district court/office 2 months prior. If they think it is a conversion by compulsion, the penalty is 1 to 10 years of prison with no bail. Very often they don’t give permission.
  • These days suddenly they are making a raid into Christian Organizations and churches to find out the details of where funding is coming from and for what purpose. And of course, if it is in their judgement for conversions, the penalty is severe.”

Editors Note:

I don’t think it is a stretch to believe that the events taking place in our country are rapidly heading in the same direction. We need to be in prayer for this country as well.

We have also received other information of how the Church in India is also experiencing unprecedented Revival. God is at work, and He is orchestrating His agenda.