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Missions Report from India – April – June 2022

INDIA REPORT – April to June 2022

We bring you greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are delighted to send you this NEWS & VIEWS FROM INDIA for the 2nd quarter of 2022. We are sincerely thankful to you for your earnest prayers, and financial support, without which all these would not have been possible. So, thank you very much and we pray God’s richest blessings upon you, your family and your ministry.

MINISTRY CENTRE UPDATE:   It was our long desire to build a Ministry Centre in Odisha for the training of indigenous pastors and church planters. Therefore, we have begun construction of this Ministry Centre. It is a large project with many steps and needs. Please join with us in prayer for the necessary funds and workers to complete this project. We are indeed thankful for those of you who have already assisted and ask for you to continue.

TAILORING TRAINING UPDATE: It was Minnie’s desire to start a Tailoring Training for the young women and helpless women in the neighborhood. This training provides two solutions: one an opportunity to dream to share the gospel with them and the other provides them a skill development opportunity to earn their living by making clothes. This ministry is seeing great results. In addition to the time learning a trade, there are Bible Studies, a Women’s retreat, and time for sharing and testimonies. Some of the testimonies are heart breaking because these young girls sacrifice so much to follow Jesus. Many are being tortured by their own family members. There are some orphans who receive this training as well.

CHURCH CONSTRUCTIONDuring Covid crisis we visited many villages and distributed food relief to more than 4000 families. However, in one village named BAUNSAGUDA in Koraput district of Southern Odisha, 25 families came to the Lord. As we then worked with them and began to disciple them, four brothers donated their piece of land and requested us to build a church there so they could worship King Jesus. By faith we began to slowly build that church in 2021.  Many of the villagers are making bricks to build the church. We ask you to continue to pray for them and this project.

MALI AND GADABA PEOPLE GROUP: In another village called KURMAPUT where pastor Mohan Hantal serves, the Mali and Gadaba people have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and they also wanted to build a church. However, because believers are increasing and their mud and thatched made house is just one room it will not contain all the believers. Hence after praying for two years, they started digging the foundation. Please pray for them so that God will provide funds for them to build a church. In every village and among every people group we want to build a church. This is our vision – that every tribe, every people group will follow Christ. Now the church is almost completed, but before the monsoons start, they need to put on the tin sheets. So please pray with us by praying for the provision of the Tin sheet roof and other needs.

BAPTISM: The Mali and Gadaba people took water baptism in Odisha during this month. Also, in West Bengal Adivasi and Kayastha people took water baptism. Total Baptism during these 3 months were: 81 Sindhu is baptizing believers and Gadaba UPG in Southern Odisha, while Planter Udhava Tandy is baptizing in Sambalpur Western Odisha to Munda people. And Swarajit Biswas is baptizing in West Bengal to Kayastha People.

COVID DISTRIBUTION: Because of the wonderful Provision of Global India training, we have been able to distribute food to families in 32 villages in Bengal and Uttarduring the Covid Crisis. In all 150 people were given food.

SAFE DRINKING WATER / BORE WELL PROJECT: During this 2nd quarter (April to June 2022) God provided needed funds to help two villages with BORE-WELLS FOR SAFE DRINKING WATER. We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the HANNAH PROJECT who helped us financially to dig bore-wells for these two villages. At Baunsaguda village in Southern Odisha, 64 families were collecting water from a muddy creek, and were falling sick often. So, hand pump set bore well was provided for the whole village. The PARJA people group village and the PANO people also benefitted having safe drinking water.

PANI FAMILY’S VISIT TO GADABA UPG : During the month of June, the PANI Family visited three village churches such as : Luhaba where Sharon and Sophia sang a special number, then they went to Kurmaput and finally to Mangaliguda where the Gadaba people live.

UPDATE ON SINDHU’S CAR: The car that we use for training and equipping of pastor and church leaders has finally almost become unusable and in need of constant repair. Also, the government will not allow you to drive a car older than 15 years, although you can pay to extend it 5 years. However, the car is in the garage since June, because it has not been able to be repaired. So please pray with us that the funds will be provided to purchase a newer car.

PRAYING FOR OUR MINISTRY IN INDIA: We will appreciate your prayers for our ministry in India . You can be part of our ministry by praying and adopting a people group that is unreached and help send a pastor and a church planter to go to them and reach out with the gospel. You can contribute toward a bore well to be dug in a village for safe drinking water. You can help build a church for an Unreached people group. You can sponsor a pastor with a motor bike to speed up the gospel. We thank you for your prayers and sacrificial support and be assured of our prayers for you as well.


Sindhu and Minnie Pani