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Missions Report from the Philippines – June 2022


  June 2022

Last fourth of June, we had our national men’s fellowship after more than two years due to pandemic restrictions. Indeed, we had a wonderful fellowship that motivated us to have another men’s fellowship again in few months if possible.

12th of June, here in the southern part, they had also their women’s fellowship. Five local churches gathered here at the Bible school campus and enjoyed their women’s fellowship. Both men’s and women’s ended with a cause, pledging to help for the concreting of the entrance to the Bible school campus. Hopefully they will soon submit their pledges so we can start concreting the entrance.

The middle of June, I and my son Roland started to repair the ceiling walls of the Administration building. Termites damaged the ceiling walls so we had to change them with another kind of material that termites can no longer destroy.

The last week of June (26th  to the 30th) we attended a training-seminar at Baguio City PBTS – walking distance from our church in Pinsao Baguio City. The activities were Train and Multiply Consultation and Economic Empowerment. Both speakers namely, Dr. Larry Freed, ECC-PH CMF and Tim Hargrove, were from the States. This was another time for great learning and a clearer understanding of how T&M can be embedded and interweaved into the lives of leaders and their coaches. As a result, the will aide greatly is the spread of the gospel.

My companions who attended from our group were.

  • Melba Bachini – our GMCT encoder and a volunteer encoder to ECC-PH.
  • Clarence Agcopra- campus and youth representative,
  • Roland Kawi – Tarlac training coordinator volunteer of ECC-PH,
  • Pastor Lani Isla- our HIFBC CMF representative to ECC-PH, (who replaced my office as a CMF) ECC-PH, and
  • I who was appointed as BOT of ECC-PH and training facilitator.

Indeed, we are involved with ECC-PH, which will benefit HIFBC for practical, processes, material resources and applications to our group. In other words, the ECC-PH, is coming alongside as partners through trainings, seminars, and coaching, We believe this is of benefit to us both and a great blessing as well.

Two weddings I officiated the month of June and one training of T&M in Bulacan Manila, we engaged to our partners being facilitators to a training of leaders of a local church. I, Melba Bachini, and Roland my son who were there to help the Tarlac Team for T&M training. We were asked to help the T&M-Tarlac Team of facilitators to facilitate. They loved HIFBC being their partners…we have a lot of potential leaders per se, and the only challenges of these potential leaders is their time and dedication.

In terms of finances and budget, yes, it is a worldwide crisis that can’t stop, indeed dollar here in the Philippines is getting higher but for the rapid price hike of oil had affected all commodities from day to day living that caused us to tighten which was already tightened many years ago. At this point although it is to shameful to share and ask another favor but I have no choice and just in case be given consideration. In few months or next months, I must change my four tires so that we will be comfortable in travelling for ministries and others of course. Kindly help me if you can on this special need, however, I am not making this favor to be a burden to you but in case you may able.

Another that I want to clarify is the status of previous request for a computer desk and a copier machine. Hoping that you can able also to help us meeting these current needs, however, let me say it again that we don’t want these needs to become a burden there.

Sorry for this late sending report. We had been so busy for the past weeks. Thank you.

God bless with prayers…

Brother in Christ,

Richard P. Kawi