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Report September 2020

September 2020 Report from Freetown Sierra Leone

From IFBC Mission’s department:  Ken is in Sierra Leone.  This is an IFBC church plant in Freetown Sierra Leone. IFBC donations have purchased the land and built the building so far.   We just completed a second “Birthdays for Buildings” campaign for that project.  Below is an update and pictures of the project so far. As you can imagine they are still in need of funds to complete this project.


Dear Sir,

Greetings from all of us out here with much gratitude for the support. The rains are still heavy, and our work has been slow for some weeks, but the pictures below will show you of what we have accomplished so far. As you can see, we have done some work on the outside, including the main entrance and the windows. We are also working on plastering the inside walls and finishing the electrical work. The greatest amount of the funds has gone to purchase seats and pews (Still being built by the carpenter).

The Covid 19 is not as severe as it was before to keep us from any major work at this time. Our hope is that the rains will soon end in late October to allow us to return to our normal activities.

When the work is completed on the building, we then have plans to do a fencing project to have our Church compound protected and as well make a way for the heavy water way to avoid the coming years. In order to do this, we will need more funding. A big challenge for us is the very high cost of living caused by inflation.

Appreciate all you do for us. With gratitude,

Ken L.